About the author

Chris is a composer. She’s been hooked on video game music since she knew it existed. (She was two years old and it was a DOS edutainment “platformer”.) She writes:

I believe that music can be functional and aesthetic. I believe that it’s a different game with the speakers on mute.

Mostly, though, I believe that music and games are freaking cool and that there’s endless things to learn about both.

About Ludoharmonics

Ludoharmonics is about video game music: the art, the craft, the little stuff that makes it shine. It’s a resource for curious game designers and musicians alike.

Here you’ll find:

  • reviews and case studies of video game soundtracks, picking apart how and why they succeed;
  • analyses of how music can supplement game systems; and
  • technical notes for musicians on the art of composition;
  • everything else we all need to take music as seriously as games.